Eye Contact Event – Milan

My alarm went off at 7 o’clock and I immediately scrambled to switch it off. The only ring tone on my mobile that woke me up was that of an anxious Mr.Bean shouting at me to wake up.

Half awake I scurried around the house going about the morning routine; washing my teeth while shaving with the electric razor in the other hand, coffee resting on the soap dish next to me. After all, one must drink coffee with a fresh taste in one’s mouth, right readers?

I slicked some gel in my hair and gave myself the just-woken-up look, then threw on some clothes and went downstairs to get the material and equipment for the event.

Today (29.10.16) was the day I planned two Eye Contact Experiment Events for the worldwide event organised by Peter Sharp of Liberators International. One in Milan and the other in Como, Italy. It was something we had been planning for quite some time and now it was the big day. These events don’t take much planning really, but you need to rely on a solid group of people. Something which is hard to come by in this modern and frenetic world. Understandably, people have commitments and engagements and so it was no surprise when I learnt that some of the organisers had to drop out. For me this was “business as usual” and I had already made a plan B.

I loaded up the car and sped off towards Milan to set up in the gardens behind le Colonne di San Lorenzo, a beautiful area in the centre of the metropolis. As I got to the station where I usually parked, I noticed smoke coming from the car. I knew I was pushing the pedal to the metal a little, but this was a little extreme and not needed at the time. I stopped after a little contemplation and seeing the look from a driver staring at me while waiting at the lights. I popped the hood and saw a few leaves trapped near the engine had overheated a little and were starting to glow a little. No emergency really and I was in the car in a flash and off once more.

I found a parking space quickly and jumped out of the car and began to unload all my gear. I had 3 bags all filled with various paraphernalia to set up the area for the eye contact event. I was quick to get everything out, soon racing towards the metro station. As I ran towards the entrance I said to myself aloud, “Fantastic start to the day! Eye contact is all about stopping for a moment and slowing down the pace of your life. Racing to Milan only to race back to Como to get another event set up.” However, this is what it is all about sometimes. You need to put everything into what you are doing to achieve peace and harmony inside yourself. Besides, it was not bad stress that I was feeling. It was what is known as good stress as there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction when it is successfully carried out.

I got to Milan and meet the other organiser. We raced off towards the location and took a look at the site. Hmmm. no good. The ground was wet and there was absolutely no one in the area. We quickly decided to move to the piazza, or square and set up there.

I hastily stapled the large banner to a tree (caressing it and apologising for making holes in it).  It had the graffiti-style writing “EYE CONTACT” written across it in wonderful colours. I checked the area and looked around. Everything seemed ok and so I began to gather up my things and set off. Just as I was doing so, I noticed a friend arrive and present himself to the event. Fantastic timing as help was needed right at that time. I felt better about leaving the organiser alone and made sure I was updated on how things went through the day.

I ran down the street towards the metro and almost falling down the steps, I got to the metro platform. I only waited a few minutes until I was heading back to Como.

Just as I got on the train I got a message from another friend telling me he was stranded in some country station and to come quick as another passenger had also got off there who seemed a little weird. Fantastic! Things always happen together. However, I immediately thanked the universe for the wonderful gift of some help as I knew I couldn’t manage to carry the gear myself once I got to Como.

I found my friend immediately who told me to keep the engine running and drive off straight away, like in a bank heist. He said that the guy waiting at the station wanted a lift. I stepped on it and we were off. In fact, I saw someone waving as I drove off.

The messages started coming in on my phone; “Where are you?” We were late. Ironic really for an event which was promoting peace and the slowing down of the pace of life. Nonetheless, once everything was in place it was really like time stood still.

We arrived into the piazza with at least twenty people waiting. They smiled and showed relief that they hadn’t been waiting in vain. We quickly mustered up all the help we could get and set up quickly. It had begun.

After all the rushing around it was all so worth it. The experience was absolutely amazing and full of wonderful connections from participants in a worldwide event spreading across the world in approximately 190 other events.

This will not be the last event in Milan or in Como and we are already planning our next adventure.


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