Italians and mobile phones


Italians love mobile phones: they generally have at least two, though since the invention of the dual-sim card phone things have improved. Italians love to talk to each other, face-to-face has always been the preferred method, though this is now becoming more and more difficult in this fast-paced world we live in; having technology at our fingertips makes it easier to get in touch with your loved one, friend, business partner or supplier.
What I find fascinating about Italians when they speak to other people in general, is that they use gestures to express what they want to say in a better way. If you are able to watch an Italian from a safe distance, without looking like a stalker or a weirdo, you will see that their expressions are made up of a complex body language which can take the non-native years to really perfect. What really captivates me is when I see someone walking down the street, or driving in the car and using these gestures. I am sure they are fully aware of the fact that the person on the other end of the line is not seeing that they are waving their arms in anger, frustration, desperation, or approval. What I do find amazing about Italians, is the way they are able to do several things at the same time while making these gestures: lighting a cigarette, holding a child’s hand, writing a text message on the other phone, just to name a few.
To sum up, I find the Italian culture of mobile phones fascinating. Like all cultures they have taken to this technology with open arms, though I still see an element of tradition in Italy: they still like to meet up and socialize in public places, scorning anyone who abuses their mobile telephone while in their company.

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