President-elect Donald Trump!

As I went to bed last night, I took a last look on line to see if there was anything worth reading up on related to the US elections. Nope. It all said the same thing as I’ve seen in every other election in about the last 25 years of my adult life since I have taken a vague interest in American politics. So, I decided to check out what people were saying about the candidates.

Reading about the potential leader of the USA is always going to be biased if it’s online, even more so during an electoral campaign. Therefore, everything you find on the internet now and for the next few weeks until things calm down are going to be completely exaggerated, not to mention even a little far from the real truth.

So, as would anyone may do once bored by the mainstream news, I decided to dig deeper. You know what I found? Nothing! There is no news on American politics really worth reading. Nonetheless, we enjoy reading about it! Why? Because everyone loves exclusivity, shock news, hearing about the unexpected etc.

Now wait a minute. Are you seriously going to tell me you were not expecting Trump to come through and become president? Just take a look at this series of The Simpsons.


Not convinced? Well take a look at this…


Ok, let’s get back to the present day and some more realistic examples of how he has always been expected to get into the Whitehouse.

You see? If that isn’t proof what is? Well, let’s take a look at a young Trump.

At about 3 minutes into this lengthy video, which many of you have no interest in watching, the situation becomes interesting for the media as it seems more evident that he wants to “take the plunge” and try and do the job. Nonetheless, he repeatedly states that he would prefer someone else to do it. In fact, before he became president, we see George H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, all appear on the video in the form of a photo story.

“It’s not a question if, it’s a question when.” He states. I personally believe he has been slowly working out a strategy to do this.

At 6.09 he starts making some interesting comments which really start making him sound like he is already campaigning for the job. It’s almost like getting people to like him and favour him for president even if he has no desire to do the job.


You see? He is slowly trying to win you over even as an outsider. He’s been planning this ever since he probably watched that series on The Simpson’s.

Ok, let’s move to social media. I’ve seen countless Facebook posts on how shocked you are, how angry you are, and how scared you are at what you think is going to happen. Although, wouldn’t you agree that we have seen this all before? Just take a look through the internet and google failed presidents, or worst US president’s moments. You  will find a long list, I guarantee.

So America, you’ve seen this show before. Yes, it is a show. American politics is all about competing with each other, showing the people who is best, making America a better place. Yet, few have really made that promise really come true. I would say Barack Obama probably gave the country the best hope.

This brings me to the first speech Donald Trump gave as president-elect of the United States of America.

Let’s take a look from here shall we?



My first observation from their body language is that of shame and despair. I’m not an expert but like most people I’ve watch CSI New York and Lie to me (google it if you need to). As they walk towards the other side of the stage their heads are bowed, lacking confidence. They are in need of some better preparation in this field. The son is incredibly young for this game, but seems to be totally bewildered, being guided by Trump’s wife, as seen by occasional tugging on his jacket. He looks totally bored or just incredibly tired.

To make a comment on the speech, I would say it has been entirely written for him. It sounds structured, almost robotic. It has no real profound message, and reminds me of the famous slogan by Barack Obama; “Yes we can.” This really means nothing and everything, which is what I hear Trump saying. However, it could be Hilary Clinton saying exactly the same thing. These are all promises to get favouritism.

“We expect to have great relationships….No dream is too big, no challenge is too great.”

Let’s see how things go there.


Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. This is my first post in this blog, and it won’t be the last. I’m shocked with the Simpon’s video… and I feel sorry for the son… his face is not very happy… We need a second lesson to talk about this topic. I knew that you are a good teacher, but I didn’t know your blogger ability!