Morning Sun – Oasis tribute band

As I slowly walk down the hall, faster than a cannonball, the lead singer Luca acknowledges me with a big smile and continues singing his heart out. Yes, I made it! After coming from a taiku drum class (a blog is coming soon) I managed to get to the pub in time to hear them just kicking off.

Luca and his band are absolutely fantastic. You can see they’ve studied Oasis carefully. They imitate every move, even  the two-fingered salute to the crowd after a few songs, down to the classic sneer Liam often does with his chin up in the air. However, they do it all in a wonderful Italian style. Especially when Luca reaches not for a pint of wife beater (Stella), but what seems like a shot of grappa.

The pub is so crowded it’s difficult to get close to the bar and the room is filled with an electrifying support for the singers as each classic comes floating dreamily over the drinkers heads.

As each song finishes, they have a little joke with the crowd, doing all they can to involve them, which they do a good job at. Slowly the crowd loosen up, joining in with the final choruses.
Excellent experience to which everyone should be witness to. They have a good presence on Facebook so you should definitely follow them.
Pictures coming soon…I’m writing this live!


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