Why I Love Winter.


Winter is drawing in. The nights are getting shorter. Temperatures are falling faster than the leaves from the trees. Yet, I feel a wave of excitement run through my body. The Winter is by far my favourite season. I wish it were longer.

There is a strange transition from Autumn to Winter. How some trees shed their leaves, certain animals begin to slow down their metabolism and frantically forage for food, and how humans react to the change. Some of us love this period of the year, some despise it. As a result, we seem to become more lethargic. Well, as a matter of fact, we also go into a state similar to that of hibernation. We find it more difficult to wake up in the morning, and much easier to fall asleep at night. We eat food that we wouldn’t normally eat in the Summer. We do less activity, or at least those which we normally do in warmer months.

I love Winter for all of these things, though I am in no way less active than in the Summer. In fact, I relish in finding excuses for being more active in the cold season. It is true that I enjoy eating winter food, experimenting with a wide variety of energy-providing soups and typical English food. However, living in Italy has opened my eyes to winter dishes: they have a lot of experience with cold wintery nights.


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Chapter 2

I love winter because of the cold. I love it when we have to take ten minutes extra to wrap up in preparation for the severe temperatures outside. Once out we do everything we can to keep warm, including spending countless hours jumping up and down and waving our arms back and forth in an effort to improve circulation. However, if we are out in a quiet village or even a suburban town, slightly away from the metropolis, one of my favourite escapes is a good English pub with a roaring fire.

Photography in the Winter Months

My favourite season is Winter for taking photographs. This is mainly due to the fact that the atmosphere changes so drastically. The angle of the sun is lower giving more perspective to shadows and filtering the sun’s rays beautifully, rendering the colours a beautiful golden hue spilling across a country or even urban landscape. The fog in the morning gives wonderful detail to a bare and lonesome tree standing tall in the middle of a field. The ferry boat suddenly appearing from the fog cloud on an expansive lake, taking passengers to their destination.


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