A Walk in the English Countryside.

We had arrived in England just a few hours before, needing to stretch our legs after a long journey, we decided to go for a stroll in the country.

It was a mild day with a light, gusty wind blowing. This made the photographs and general scenery so much more picturesque as the leaves blew across the cloudy sky like butterflies migrating to a warmer country.

Autumn had decidedly set in, as I noted the beautiful change in the colour of the leaves, the change in temperature, and the feeling that the days were getting shorter and shorter.  The colours of the leaves were so vibrant, even though they were dead they seemed more alive than ever. Their form being so much more defined now they were in a state of rigor mortis.

The countryside was full of wildlife and livestock, which often posed problems for them as dog-walkers let their dogs run loose in the field. As a result, the local council had to warn them of the threats to local farm animals and hence the notice which can be seen in the picture gallery above.  Generally, this polite request is respected.

As the walk progressed, a church loomed up in the distance. I decided to get a closer look and noticed a beautiful stone wall surrounding the churchyard. Stone walls are something of an art, requiring great patience and precision in the construction. They are often shaped to interlock with the other stones better. Once in place, the elements will then assist in fusing them together: the wind and the rain being the most powerful elements in the process.

Headstones scattered around the graveyard in an almost random order, gave great credit to the photographs. Once again the elements had worked their magic in ageing and shaping them in such a creative fashion.

After a while I came to a clearing. I noticed an enormous oak tree on one side of the clearing. It must have been over a hundred years old. The sun was shining through the clouds, giving a wonderful silhouette effect to the leaves and branches.  There was a large bough hanging down, which was most likely the result of a fierce storm wind. This shape gave great appeal to the photographs I took as you can see in the gallery.

The wind was blowing in my face now as I headed back to a warm and cosy home. Thinking of the wood fire burning in the fireplace lightened my pace. It had been a brisk, but adventurous walk which would be soon repeated.

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