The World is Changing Too Fast!

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Technology is moving so fast.

Too fast for us to handle.Embed from Getty Images Although, it is not just technology that is moving at lightning speed. We are moving faster than we have ever moved in history.In every way I mean this: Physically, mentally, emotionally.Embed from Getty ImagesWe need to slow down. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of how life and everything around us is moving so quickly.

People are Putting on More Weight than Before.

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It’s a fact that we cannot deny. We are living our lives faster, so we don’t have time to eat good and healthy food. Even in Italy it can be difficult to eat healthily for some people who love Pizza and cakes.


Cakes in Italy are wonderful. They are so delicious that it is no wonder why a lot of people have put on weight. Having trouble resisting can be common when there is so much emphasis on food and eating.


cream cakes

Children are Playing Differently Than in the Past.

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In the past every child who had a train set would play with it for hours. They would sit there and make all the sounds of the train (that is until an accessory came out that made them for you.) Whereas today we are seeing children playing differently.

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Games are becoming more futuristic. However, is this such a good thing? What is being learnt by using more advanced features in video games? Are children living healthier lives by playing these games?


As we can see from the photo above, these board games are becoming less popular as the mobile game application market is expanding on a daily basis.

helicopter drone

We are not playing with model airplanes that took hours to glue together. In the end it didn’t even fly but just sat on your shelf for you to admire. No, now we are playing with remote controlled devices which are cheap, dangerous and often made in factories which are probably paying people very little.

lego box

These construction toys are becoming less interesting as it takes so long to make them. This is obviously not true, though in a child’s eyes a long time may be anything more than about five minutes.


Figurines like we see here are changing too. They are designing characters which are more futuristic. However, the toys that we see here are not interesting children as much these days.

We are not Writing Letters Anymore.

We are emailing Santa this Christmas! That’s right. Just type in a search engine “email Santa” and look what comes up. Kids are sending emails to Santa now instead of writing letters and posting them into letterboxes. The postman’s job is getting easier because of this and I’m sure he’s carrying around a lot less mail right now.

Santa Claus postbox

As we approach the Christmas season, people are going away on holiday to spend their Christmas in new and exotic locations, city breaks and cultural tours. However, they aren’t buying postcards and they certainly aren’t spending time writing long messages back to loved ones on them. We are losing the essential quality of the tradition with writing letters and postcards. The beauty of writing letters and postcards is knowing that someone is smiling as you are travelling through the country you are visiting. They are thinking of you and you are thinking of them. Although a text message or a selfie isn’t really doing the same thing.


We are Using More Batteries!

Batteries are not changing at the moment and they haven’t changed in years. The battery (click here to read about the battery) hasn’t evolved since it was invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. The use of batteries has evolved, though. We are finding many uses for them in appliances that we are now using on a regular basis. We are taking our computers more often nowadays so we can work on the train. The lifetime of these batteries has improved a little and is still improving, though somewhat slowly.


Coming Soon!

The following sections to this blog;

We are Buying Useless Gadgets!


useless gadgets

With the increasing facility that we can buy goods from China and other countries around the world, we are buying more useless gadgets. We are trying to make our lives easier, though in reality our houses are being filled up with these cheaply-made items that often break after a short time.

useless items

We are Wearing Different Clothes.

fashion trousers

The clothes we are wearing today are also changing. We are wearing them in different ways, with alternative styles of shoes, and even choosing incorrect sizes and tight fits to look better. Is this healthy? Take a look on the internet and you will find some reports of people being admitted to hospital for particular situations related to wearing tight clothes.

fashion market stall

We are Using Different Ways to Get Around.

With the increase of traffic in towns and cities around the world, we are taking different forms of transport to get to where we need to go.

motorbike parking

We are Buying Fewer Books.

It’s becoming more difficult to get the time to read books at the moment. We have little time to spare for these types of activity. As a result, the book is becoming a thing of the past. People aren’t reading books like they used to anymore.

books for sale

We are not Buying Music.

Music piracy, companies like Spotify and Deezer are causing serious damage to the compact disc market. People are choosing to listen to music in different ways, so we are not buying music anymore. We are simply buying a license to listen to unlimited music for a monthly subscription.

music for sale

We are not Eating Out.

Restaurants are getting more expensive. This causes people to choose cheaper options when eating out. In turn, this is helping fast food chains to expand and capitalise on this downturn.

restaurant tables

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