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Welcome back to another of my interesting articles from my website teacherdom.com. Today I would like to present to you some interesting updates on my website.

First, I am now able to offer the service of English lessons online. That’s right. You can book English classes with me, Teacher Dominic, directly from my website. Just visit my website and click the menu item “English lessons.” You can also click the link here English lessons .

So how can you learn English with me, Teacher Dominic? Well, as I always suggest, you need to have regular English lessons with an English teacher. You can’t learn good English alone. It’s very important to speak a good level of English, especially if you need English for travel, or for business.

I have a large range of resources which can help you learn English. These include blog articles, videos, audio podcasts, and speaking dialogues. All these resources are coming very soon, so check my website regularly for new material.


Podcasts are very useful to help you improve your English listening skills I offer regular podcast series on my Podcast channel. Click here to follow my podcast channel.


I have a YouTube channel. Follow my channel to receive notifications when I make a new video. This can really help you learn English. Click here to go to my YouTube channel now.

So, that’s all for the moment. On a closing note I would just like to say:

  • Read my blogs daily to help you learn English.
  • Listen to my podcasts to improve your listening skills.
  • Watch my videos on YouTube and on my website.
  • Subscribe to my Social media channels.

All details are available on my website homepage or by clicking this link. 

Click here to book English lessons with me, Teacher Dominic.




Thanks for reading.

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