The Avalanche – Part 1

This blog article has been written as a fictional story. No reference to any factual event, institution, or person(s) is intentional. This blog article has been written solely for educational and literary purposes.

It had been a heavy night of partying and celebration at the apres-ski bar in town. I can’t remember what time we stumbled into the hotel room, still completely clothed in snowboard gear. In fact, as I came around, I noticed I still had my boots and snowboard attached to them. My friends had played another dirty trick on me.

I struggled to get to my feet, only to notice that my head had been taped to the bed. Dirty trick number two. I started to wake up quickly now, searching for any other booby traps.

Carefully removing the bucket filled with snow delicately balanced on the top of the door to the bathroom, I warily opened the door. Nothing awry here. So I proceeded to the shower.

As I turned on the shower, a burst of red liquid came out from the shower head. They had done this before and once again I had fallen for it. They had put powder paint in the shower head to make it look like blood or something. Now I was definitely awake.

As I entered the breakfast room I was greeted by a cheer and peels of laughter from my friends. They were all pointing at me and laughing. I couldn’t get the paint off my face so I decided to let them have their fun and keep it on there. So I looked like a tomato ready to go snowboarding. They were laughing so hard, one of them actually fell on the floor.

In the cable car there was a buzz of excitement. Everybody was talking excitedly about the amount of snow that had fallen over the last few days and were excited to get out there and find some fresh powder snow.

As I write now, I think back to how dramatically the next 72 hours completely changed for everyone in that cable car.

Coming soon. Part 2.

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