The Avalanche – Part 2


Read this first part before you read part 2.


The doors to the cable car opened and the people all began to head towards the slopes with great enthusiasm. The weather was fairly good, though there were some pretty menacing clouds on the other side of the mountain. Let’s hope they stay there.

A quick equipment check and I was pushing off down the hill in search of the white powder. It had been snowing all last week so the snow was still fresh, though pretty compact on the pistes. Need to get off this right now. Yes, there’s a line down that ridge. Zip! The board almost turning by itself, I felt myself fly through the air for a few seconds. The impact was smooth and as I looked around for the next feature I noticed someone was following me.

“Hey! You wanna shred with me?” I yelled. He nodded nonchalantly, trying to stay cool and followed me. He seemed a little better than me, as he soon overtook me and went wide. The race was on! We crossed paths a few times, catching each others’ eyes as we risked some hairy jumps. Then as we got nearer to the bottom, I saw him pull off a couple of neat jumps, only to switch back onto the piste. He signalled for me to follow him. I was right on his tail. The wind rushing in my face was harshly cold. The wind-chill must be about minus fifteen.

I saw him spinning through the air as he took off on the smallest bump of snow. I quickly followed his path and over- calculating a spin, had to quickly abort a trick. Luckily, I landed safely. He was laughing hard. We stopped for a moment and he pulled out a hip flask. “Drink this. It will warm you up.” He said, smiling from ear to ear.

I coughed desperately. “What the heck is this?” I hoarsely retorted.

He was laughing so hard now. “Chilli grappa. Always keeps me warm. C’mon. Let’s go!”

And he was off again. I looked over my shoulder to check it was safe to go, and on doing this I noticed that those clouds over the mountain were now over our heads. Not good. Not good at all.

Stay with me for part 3…



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