Why I write…


I write because I have a story to tell, an observation to share, an enlightening moment to reflect upon, an exciting event to report on, or simply a need to get something off my chest.


Every day when I wake up, I take a moment to new-paradigm-aheadbring in the new day and release thoughts and feelings from the previous day, carefully reflecting on them. I take those thoughts and feelings, manifesting them into productive life lessons.

As I open my eyes, I listen to the sounds around me, often taking them into account for new material. This may be the sweet sound of the birdsong outside, to the barking of the neighbour’s dog when the church bell tolls every half an hour.

What I find the most difficult is starting. So what I do is mind-map events and observations. I will not write these down but visualise them in my own head. Very quickly a storyboard will form. Within a short while I have picked up my pen and the words begin to flow. In my day (gosh that makes me sound as if I’m old!) we would often write letters, postcards, and  diaries, and messages in our family. As I grew older, these journal notes became more profound. postcards

It came to the time when I travelled the world. The notes flowed from the time travelling began. Looking back now, I have so much appreciation for the lack of social media at that time, in fact it didn’t exist. There was nothing other than journal and pen with reflex camera to document observations.

Today, I see people writing on social media sites, telling stories of how they found themselves, how beautiful the place they are visiting is, and what struggles and stress they experience getting around. It seems that writing like this sometimes loses that emotion, that inspiration to sit down and focus on writing slowly. (Even as I copy this from my paper journal, I get this feeling that the original emotion I had when writing this has faded away from the transition from paper to digital media.)Placeholder Image

Writing like this for me doesn’t have that same energy. In addition, travel thirty years ago had its differences. Sometimes it would be a week before I could get to a phone and make the call home, post the letter I had written, or send back excess clothes or gifts with a short note of explanation. This time without communication deepened the emotions that were transgressed through writing. The funny thing is, I write better when I write on paper.

So, that’s why I write.


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Thanks for reading.

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