15 Things I Like


This got my little brain thinking. What do I like? I thought. Hmm. Well, let’s give it a go. 45 minutes of free writing here we go. Could be dangerous, could be embarrassing. Most of all it could be exciting and certainly educational. For me and the readers.

  1. I like food, though I prefer Italian food over English food at the moment. However, I miss a full English breakfast with mushrooms, fried bread, beans, and sausages.  Nonetheless, I manage to eat it here once in a while. Even if the Italian sausages are not the same as the bread-filled bangers (slang for sausages) in the U.K.
  2. I like drinking good wine, well Italian-produced wine. I don’t like drinking a lot of it as it gives me a headache, or sometimes a hangover, the next day. I really like drinking Prosecco, or sparkling wine. This is something of an extravagance, so it’s not something I drink regularly. I also like drinking whisky as it gives you the false impression that it is warming you up. So in winter, it can be pleasant.
  3. I like watching comedy films as they make me laugh so hard. It is important what type of comedy film. I still find anything British very funny and will end up in tears after watching a series of Jeeves and Wooster. 
  4. I like doodling. Sometimes I will do it while I am teaching, though I promise to all my students that I don’t lose concentration. In fact, it often helps as I come up with doodles that will assist comprehension and other ideas.
  5. I like writing freely. I will often write thoughts and observations down as I progress through the day. Sometimes I stop and listen to what I can hear and write it down. (Apart from the dog that barks every half an hour due to being scared of the church clock tower.) I sometimes write a thousand words without stopping just on a whim.
  6. I like singing in the shower (and I think I’m pretty good at it.) I will often sing the latest chart music, though I also have a playlist which is actually called the best songs to sing in the shower. (Wow, this is really getting personal.) At times the song, The Eye of the Tiger will come on and I will start doing an impersonation of the character, Rocky Bilbao in the film called Rocky. When I sing, I always use the loofah as a microphone.
  7. I like using a fountain pen to write with. This is a dying tradition which I am fighting regularly to uphold. I absolutely love the way the pen glides across the paper, making a coarse scratching sound at times. This brings images of famous writers scrawling their masterpieces down on parchment by the light of candles and huddled over a small bureau, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and smoking pipes for inspiration. How writing has changed I think as I reach for my electronic cigarette and my herbal tea. (This is poetic license; I don’t smoke electronic cigarettes and there is no herbal tea in my vicinity. Sorry.)
  8. I like photography. Well, I love it in fact. I have been taking photographs for 25 years and I will continue for many more. I have probably taken over a million photos in my life, with a great deal more to come. What I like about photography is that it is a window. You look at a photograph once it has been developed and you are looking through a window. Looking at a scene which could be on the other side of a window. It is not the same if you are looking at a picture on a computer. You can jump into that framed image on your wall and be in that place once again. So develop pictures more often.
  9. I like surprises. However, I don’t like surprises which are unpleasant, like a really big animal in my house. Not that I’ve had the pleasure yet.  Nonetheless, I have had to deal with minute scorpions, which I didn’t like very much. At first, I exterminated them, which I deeply regret now. I remember reading about something in a book, saying that it was totally unnecessary to kill an animal in your house or surroundings if you could simply free it from the space you are in. So from that moment on, I think I have saved numerous animals from perish. Which brings me to number 10.
  10. I love animals. I love all types of animals, though I don’t like aggressive ones.  I especially like cats, even if they sometimes get aggressive. I have about 20 fish in a 300 litre fish tank. I strongly recommend having a fish tank in your house. It’s very easy to maintain and is incredibly relaxing to watch. So forget the aquarium screensaver and get a real one.
  11. I like sweets. Coming from the 70’s, when dentists were not really very popular due to torture-like treatment (maybe this was just mine), I didn’t really like going to the dentist. In that time, there were sweet shops in my local town which had massive jars of sweets. We would all go in after school with our 50 pence pocket money and buy about 50 sweets or about 4 oz of fizz-bombs. It was the highlight of the day! (Yes, I often went daily.)
  12. I like technology. I don’t think I could survive without it. I could go on for hours about it. I think the best thing about technology is how it is getting smaller. I am thinking that in the future we will have contact lenses that will be like computers, accessing the internet, taking photos (selfies could be challenging here), and also measuring heart-rate and bio data. (You heard it here first.)
  13. I like the number 13. Why do I like the number 13? Because it forms the area code of a French city I lived in. (Now this is really getting personal.) Marseille was a wonderful place to live and truly eye-opening.
  14. I like playing high-frustration video games. Even if I am not good at them (I saw I was ranked 392,000 on the leaderboard of a game so I checked the points of number 1 and got really disheartened. I will not give up!) I like playing them because I believe it keeps the brain young and the reflexes very good.
  15. I like finishing things. Especially this blog. Finishing things give you a wonderful sense of satisfaction. (I almost changed this blog to 10 things I like, though am glad I didn’t.)

Thanks for reading.

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