“Much learning does not teach understanding.” – Heraclitus


I’ve come across a lot of English learners in my career and one thing I have noticed is those who are passionate about learning. 

They know sometimes more than native speakers, reciting grammar rules and exceptions. They know all the idioms, reeling them off with flawless perfection. However, they haven’t really learnt the language at all. 

This is not how a native English speaker speaks. In fact the majority of us don’t reel off idioms every other sentence, use copious amounts of phrasal verbs, or flower our sentences with profoundly descriptive proverbs and sentence adverbs. No sir. 

We have a natural level of English which is directly aimed at effective communication. That’s what you need to learn. How to communicate effectively.

So, remember to book some lessons and we can start communicating effectively together.

Have a good day.

Thanks for reading. 

Teacher Dominic

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