If I could step into a machine that gave me more time, what would I write with this extra time?

This is an interesting question indeed. Inspired from the #dailyinspiration project, I decided to manifest these wanderings in the mind.

When I have time, I am always thinking about the book I want to write. Who will be the characters in it? Where will it be set? What will be on the final page? How many pages will there be? How many pages should there be? Then I realise that all this is irrelevant. So, I just write.

Sometimes, I will write about my observations. Therefore, this will be the topic of my extra writing time. You see, I am an observant character: little passing by my keen eye. I notice the smallest change in a situation, recording it keenly with pen and paper, or if I am quick and lucky too, my camera.

I would write about the chaotic hustle and bustle of the morning rush-hour. Mothers and fathers dashing to and fro with children in the back of the car, or holding tightly as they fly through the streets on a bicycle or scooter.

I may write about the peace and quiet of the streets, only a few hours later, as all have disappeared inside schools, offices, or homes once more. Yet, my favourite time to write is really when I see people at rest, enjoying life. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the warm winter sun on their faces.

So to answer the question, I would probably write about everything. Dancing from one subject to another, though still maintaining an iota of political correctness and good writing style.


What would you do with the extra time?


Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic

I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.


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