Success is not forever and failure isn’t fatal.

– Don Shula

What does this mean? It means that simply success is often short-lived,temporary, and certainly not something that should ever allow you to let your guard down. However, failure is not such a bad thing, either. It shouldn’t be something that kills you or your creativity. I can guarantee to you that I have had my fair share of failure in my life, though the success undoubtedly outweighs it.

What can we learn from failure? We can learn that if we make the same mistake again, we are fools. What can we teach to others about failure? We can teach them that being aware of your mistakes are the most important factor in reducing failure.

Take a look at English learning for example. You make a mistake in a grammar exercise. You know you made a mistake because the grammar exercise gives you the correct answer at the end. However, the mistake you are making is going to repeat itself again and again until someone explains why you are making this mistake and makes you consciously aware of it when you make it again. Take it from me, most of my students make the same mistake again and again, taking a huge amount of patience from both of us to slowly correct it. That is right, slowly, as it is set deep in your subconscious mind that the sentence you are saying incorrectly is actually correct as far as you are concerned. This is due to the fact that nobody has corrected you up until I came along.

So remember, you need to fail in life in order to succeed. If you are not failing, you are not exceeding your limits, but staying within a safe threshold.

Go out into the world and never fear to make mistakes again. Just be aware of them.

Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic

I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.

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