The Key to Conversation Success

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This week has been an incredible week. I have had a boom in new students on my website and it has certainly been a learning experience for me as much as for my students.

I have realized an important technique I implement in my classes has contributed to the rapid progress of a large number of my students’ conversation skills.

This technique I will obviously keep to myself at this stage, though I will tell you that by opening your mind, you will learn faster. Being negative and telling me you can’t speak English, or your English is bad will not help you. Telling me you are 100% committed to learning fast will help you.

One final thing you need to know when you visit this site and choose me as your English teacher is what you want, what your problem is in English learning, and how you want me to fix it. Do you want me to teach you grammar, vocabulary, conversation, or something specific? This is the key to learning English: knowing what you want.

So click this link right now and book some lessons with me.


Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic

I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.

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