Common mistakes made by English speakers from Pakistan


The most common mistakes can be easily corrected by slowing down when you speak. What I mean by this is that it is necessary to understand your mistakes. This is often only possible when you have a teacher. However, today I am going to give you some tips on common mistakes in English made by Pakistani speakers. Obviously, these are mistakes that anyone can make, though these are more common in that part of the world.

Why don’t he get job?

The correct phrase is:

Why doesn’t he get a job? 

Let’s look at another one:

Can I have some Xeroxes quick?

Here we need to say:

“Can I have some photocopies quickly?”

How about this one:

“I made total blunder mistake.”

No. We don’t need to say blunder and mistake together as it is repetitive.

“I made a total mistake.”

Another common error would be:

I am no understand English.

Speakers often confuse the auxiliary in negative sentences. The correct phrase should be:

“I don’t understand English.”

Finally, let’s finish on this one:

“I like very much the television.” 

Here the mistake is with the order of the words in the sentence and the use of the article:

“I like television very much.”

Thanks for reading.

Watch this very politically incorrect video on learning English:

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See you in my classroom very soon.

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