Teacherdom.com News!

Hello readers! Here is the news.

Hopefully you have read a large number of my blog articles by now and you have learnt an enormous amount of new words. However, if you haven’t, you had better start reading fast. You see, I have some good news and some “other” news, which is still good news.

My website is going to have an enormous overhaul soon. This will mean that most of the informative and educational articles are going to disappear. They will become part of a collection of premium content which will be available at a very attractive and competitive price.

The content will be enough for you to learn English from start to finish. I will present you with survival English lessons for when you need to go on holiday. I will provide you with English language lessons for business, for working in an English-speaking company, or for simply communicating with people in English.

So, take action right now and begin by reading my first blog post. Go through the blogs and read everything you possibly can, providing me with any feedback you feel is appropriate, and above all positive.  Look at my pages and read them before it is too late. This site will continue in a very different way, providing you with interesting material to practise your reading skills in English.

Happy reading!

Teacher Dominic


I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.


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