How to Correct your (English) Mistakes

Sometimes we fail. That’s inevitable. However, it is not going to kill us if we fail, unless we are practising skydiving and the chute doesn’t open. But, hey I don’t practise it for that reason. I value my life too much to allow failure to be a factor on my road to success.

Let me tell you a story. This is a story based on several similar situations I have encountered in my teaching experience. See it as a collaborative contribution from all my students over the years.

One day this student came to me. She said that she needed to learn English to get a job which required a high level of English. (By the way, this story is not referring to anyone in particular.) The only problem for her was that she had very little time until her interview. Her English was fairly basic and she was feeling incredibly negative. She cried several times while I was assessing her.

The first thing I explained to her was this:

If you want to be my student, you must first accept some simple rules.

“Ok, I’m in.” She said warily.

“Right! That’s great!” I replied enthusiastically. “So here are my rules:”

Rule number 1 – Be Positive!

Rule number 2 – See rule number 1 before you read rule number 3

Rule number 4 – There is no rule number 3 because sometimes we miss out things in life and that’s ok. It was a mistake. Move on.

Rule number 5 – Go on to rule number 6 and stop criticising yourself about making a silly mistake, missing out rule number 3.

Rule number 6 – How many times have you said, “I wish I hadn’t missed out rule number 3!” Let the past be the past, not your present.

Rule number 7 – It’s ok to make a mistake. However, it’s not ok to make the same mistake again and again. That’s just not going to get you anywhere.

Rule number 8 – Stop. Focus. Learn consciously. Correct subconscious mistakes. Move on to Rule number 9.

Rule number 9 – Follow people who motivate you. Follow people who correct your mistakes. Follow people who give you good advice. Just remember to respect rule number 10.

Rule number 10 – Give something back when you receive something from someone. So if someone helps you, you help someone back. Unconditionally.

You see, that’s why I never fail. I never ever expect anything from anyone. If I don’t get what I want, it’s because I am not getting it in the right way. If I am making a mistake, it’s because I don’t understand something. So I go back to the beginning and I change my approach. Moreover, I focus on my consciousness when I make that mistake and correct it. That is the most common mistake everyone makes in life. Whether it is in English or in anything they do. We are not aware we are making a mistake. When we are told we are making a mistake, we are still not 100% focussed on correcting it. We need to stop, focus, and realign our thought process. That way we become successful.

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