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How to Be a Successful Language Learner.

How Can I Be Successful in Languages?

This is a question I am often asked. So now, I give you the answers!

First, you must have a particular mindset when you learn a language. Well, you must have a particular mindset when you are doing anything in fact. You see, every day I hear a phrase similar to this:

I’m sorry for my bad English!

Well, if you are going to start a conversation like that, of course you are going to feel negative and lacking in confidence!

So, you say this instead:

Hi! How are you doing? I’m learning to speak English right now, so please correct me! Thanks!

By saying this, you are showing people that you are motivated to improving your English and you do not have any issue about making mistakes. Instead you are totally comfortable about it.

So start doing this today and stop telling everyone your English is bad!

Next, you need to understand that you need to work hard to learn a language. In my opinion, people fail to realise just how challenging English can be sometimes due to its unlimited number of exceptions to various rules. Well, sometimes rules aren’t so important and that’s where people are getting lost. So what is the solution? Don’t learn rules, learn structures!

The idea is to learn phrases which you can use in your conversation. You can read a grammar book all day and understand exactly why we use the Present Perfect Continuous. However, that is useless if you cannot integrate it effectively.

So, try and find a way to use it by telling a story. Write a diary or a blog every day about what happened to you or what you see on a daily basis. This way you are practising phrases and structures easily.

Coming soon part 2 of this blog article.


Thanks for reading.


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How to Make Money Online.

IG stats 14.3.17

Making money online is easy. My son could do it and he’s still in primary school.

So, as soon as I discovered just how easy it was I decided to write about it.

In this ebook I will walk you through every step of setting yourself up to make money online.

So if you are ready to walk down the road to success with me, let’s go.

Rule Number 1 – Don’t Sell the Product, Tell a Success Story.


The first rule of making money on line with the system I have discovered is don’t sell.

Nobody likes the hard sell these days. It’s so eighties. Instead of selling, the best way to instant success is to create trust through connecting with people.
How do you do this? Easy. You say:

Hi! I love your Instagram! What do you use it for? I use it to make money online and improve people’s businesses.

This is not selling. It’s simply communicating what you believe and what you do. What is the effect of this strategy? It creates interest.
How do you do this? You send a message to them via one of the mainstream social media networks. That is once you have drawn them out of Instagram. You see, IG has a signal that picks up heavy direct message use. If you send too many messages, you will get blocked temporarily.
After having sent this message, you create a schedule on a document or an agenda for a follow up message in a day. Or if you have an automated message follow-up system it will manage this for you.

Rule 2 – Create Curiosity

Once you have sent this message, if they are interested they will ask questions about your business. However, what is important here is that you ask them lots of questions. It is important to get to know them first. This will help them feel confident about using the system and also feel that you are not just selling them something but helping them to improve their business and their life. You see, this system sells itself based on its results.

Rule Number 3 – Post Your Results


The results you receive from your system should be regularly posted to your social media profiles using screenshots. Why is this important to do from the start? Because people watch you and see that you are getting good results from the beginning.

Rule Number 4 – Communicate Daily


Once you have entered into a dialogue, you will gain genuine trust with your new friend. I say friend because that’s how you need to regard them. In the end, wouldn’t you prefer to do business with a friend rather than a stranger?
However, you are not doing business, remember? Your prime objective is to help them improve their lives.
So, find out as much about them as possible, without being too intrusive. In the end, if you just meet someone and you ask them a million questions they will close up like a clam. Go slow and genuinely try to get to know them. After all, you have at least one thing in common at this stage: A desire for making money.

One thing I like to focus on is what they are doing now. If they are studying at college or university this is an opportunity as they will want to make some extra cash while they have no other form of income. By concentrating on this system for only a few hours a day, they can easily pay off their student loans or fund their rent on their apartment.

If they are working, it’s important to understand what type of work they do and how they feel about their job. If they are happy then you can explain to them that with this system you have more free time and financial freedom. If they are not happy, you need to work a little harder to convince them that you can help them, though everybody likes to hear opportunities about having more financial and physical freedom.

Rule number 5 – Always Finish your Dialogue with a Question

By finishing with a question. You are leaving the dialogue open. This helps to continue the flow of conversation. Although it’s essential to ask the right question. What is the right question? Well, one just like the one I just asked you: a rhetorical question. This is so there is always an element of reflection in each encounter. It’s not a trick, but simply a strategy to get your friend to think about what you are presenting to them.

What sort of questions should you ask? Well, there are countless questions you can ask. Nonetheless, it’s preferable that you think of them yourself. This way they are more natural.

Some simple examples may be:

What would you do if you had more free time and money?

How would you spend your first big payout?

What is one thing you would like to have that you are unable to afford now?

Rule Number 6 – Be a Realistic Dreamer


Dreams Come True Only if you Want them to.

Making dreams come true are vital in the path to your success. By focussing on them and your goals, you will be successful. However, it’s important to focus on realistic.
It’s no use saying to yourself, “I’m going to get a fast car, a big house, and a huge pay check in 6 months.” Well, only unless you really think you can do it, then that’s ok. Dreams should never be rushed. Getting rich doesn’t generally happen overnight.

Rule Number 7 – Help People All the Way.


No one likes to be left high and dry in times of need. So, if you are going to commit to your friends, go the whole way. Help them out right from start to finish. That means communication via video conference, online chat, email, and even voice calls if possible. If you are able to physically meet someone that’s even better.

Rule Number 8 – Use Social Media sensibly

When I started out I would often get blocked on my Instagram accounts almost every day. This was only temporary and would often resolve itself in a matter of hours or at the most, a week. This is to protect their users from people who bombard you with spam messages. Fortunately not something I believe in as only one message is sent out , with a follow up message a day or so later. Obviously if someone is not interested you don’t pressure them. Then it is quite justified to consider that Spamming someone.

So how do you use Social media sensibly? Well, first of all it’s a good idea to have a clean profile. So remove all the photos of you out with your friends getting totally legless. Although, photos of you celebrating with your team, your partner, or your girlfriend will obviously help you. Make sure you do it in style and make it genuine or don’t do it at all. I know of people who hire prestigious cars and even use show homes to create the right scene. We were not born yesterday, so only do this when you are really on the road to success.

Using social media sensibly involves creating a separate business page and a private group for your friends who are with you on this journey. Post daily and remember to post real pictures.

If you are contacting people, make sure you are clear about your intentions. If people don’t understand exactly why you are contacting them they won’t give you a chance. Remember your intentions are simply to connect to them for the purpose of helping them.

Rule Number 9 – Share Your Success

People are successful today because they share their ideas. They understand something works so they communicate that to their friends. This is simply what you need to do from the very beginning.
If you believe something works, then by sharing that with someone, they will also be successful. Moreover, they will be thankful to you for that. I personally don’t think someone is going to take advantage of you once they have that information. Although I also strongly believe in karma. So if someone does decide to take advantage of you, more often than not they’ll be reprimanded by the forces of nature.

Rule Number 10 – Accept No

Sometimes it just doesn’t go well for you when you are trying to help people. I’ve had people swearing at me, trying to block me, disrespecting me, and in general mistrusting me. All this is not a problem to me, but to them. They are the ones who are missing out. Not me. So calmly accept their decline for help and move on. If they are undecided, they will come back to you under no pressure. However, they will never come back if you don’t accept no for an answer.

Those are my ten rules to make money online which work. However they don’t end here. I hope you have many more questions to ask me and many more positive comments to make on this article.

I am happy you have read this and I sincerely wish you all the success in your venture.

When you are ready we can walk together along the path to success.

Start now by signing up to the system that will change your life.

Start improving your life now.

Thank you for reading.

How to Correct your (English) Mistakes

Sometimes we fail. That’s inevitable. However, it is not going to kill us if we fail, unless we are practising skydiving and the chute doesn’t open. But, hey I don’t practise it for that reason. I value my life too much to allow failure to be a factor on my road to success.

Let me tell you a story. This is a story based on several similar situations I have encountered in my teaching experience. See it as a collaborative contribution from all my students over the years.

One day this student came to me. She said that she needed to learn English to get a job which required a high level of English. (By the way, this story is not referring to anyone in particular.) The only problem for her was that she had very little time until her interview. Her English was fairly basic and she was feeling incredibly negative. She cried several times while I was assessing her.

The first thing I explained to her was this:

If you want to be my student, you must first accept some simple rules.

“Ok, I’m in.” She said warily.

“Right! That’s great!” I replied enthusiastically. “So here are my rules:”

Rule number 1 – Be Positive!

Rule number 2 – See rule number 1 before you read rule number 3

Rule number 4 – There is no rule number 3 because sometimes we miss out things in life and that’s ok. It was a mistake. Move on.

Rule number 5 – Go on to rule number 6 and stop criticising yourself about making a silly mistake, missing out rule number 3.

Rule number 6 – How many times have you said, “I wish I hadn’t missed out rule number 3!” Let the past be the past, not your present.

Rule number 7 – It’s ok to make a mistake. However, it’s not ok to make the same mistake again and again. That’s just not going to get you anywhere.

Rule number 8 – Stop. Focus. Learn consciously. Correct subconscious mistakes. Move on to Rule number 9.

Rule number 9 – Follow people who motivate you. Follow people who correct your mistakes. Follow people who give you good advice. Just remember to respect rule number 10.

Rule number 10 – Give something back when you receive something from someone. So if someone helps you, you help someone back. Unconditionally.

You see, that’s why I never fail. I never ever expect anything from anyone. If I don’t get what I want, it’s because I am not getting it in the right way. If I am making a mistake, it’s because I don’t understand something. So I go back to the beginning and I change my approach. Moreover, I focus on my consciousness when I make that mistake and correct it. That is the most common mistake everyone makes in life. Whether it is in English or in anything they do. We are not aware we are making a mistake. When we are told we are making a mistake, we are still not 100% focussed on correcting it. We need to stop, focus, and realign our thought process. That way we become successful.

Thanks for reading.

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Coming soon. More resources and material. In the meantime take a look at my other blogs and resource pages.

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A Fresh of Breath Air (Common Mistakes and News!)

Hello readers!

How are you doing today?

Did you notice the title? I hope it got your attention. I hope this gets your attention too.

People who learn English make mistakes.



Yes, it’s a fact. Moreover, it is ok to make mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning: you are not exceeding your boundaries.

So, coming soon. The sequel to common mistakes made by Italian speakers of English.


Other news? I have lots. I am working day and night, burning the midnight oil, on my website and there is some exciting material coming very soon. So, remember to follow me on my website and also on my social media platforms.


Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic


Change is Good.

Hi readers. I have some exciting news for you.

First, I need your help. I want you to tell your friends, to tell your family, to tell your school mates, to tell your work colleagues about my website. You need to tell them what a fantastic website it is and how much you love reading the articles, listening to the podcasts, and learning new techniques on how to learn English. Moreover, you need to tell them that there is going to be some amazing changes on this website and they better check it out fast.

Yes, that’s right. Very soon there will be some wonderful, new resources on this website that will help you learn English in a way you have never experienced before.

So stay with me on this exciting journey as it is about to get very exciting.


Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic.


Ten Best English Learning Websites (According to

Hello and welcome to another amazingly informative English blog article. Here I am again to take a look at some fantastic websites that I often use in my English classes I give online. If you are interested in booking lessons with me, just click HERE!


So here are my top ten websites (not in any order of best to worst – they are all equally good):

  1.  I love this website and often use it to practise exercises with my students, who equally love it. The best thing about it is the grammar explanations and the quality of the exercise questions.
  2. This is a wonderful site if you are looking for information on conversation questions which you could use to help you improve your English skills. It is also very good for English teachers who occasionally need some inspiration for their lessons.
  3. An almost unlimited amount of useful information for students and teachers, this website is a place I will often go to get inspiration for my lessons. Especially useful areas are those which focus on English for specific purposes.
  4. I have used this website for a long time now. It is particularly useful for students who need to learn phrases, though there is such a large archive of resources that you are guaranteed to find something for all your needs.
  5. This is a great website for its vast selection of exercises. I especially like the sections on common errors in English.
  6. This website is probably the only website you will need to learn everything about English grammar and verb tenses. The list of explanations and exercises will take you from a beginner to a proficient student in no time.
  7. This is a website primarily for teachers, though I believe that any student will also enjoy the content on this website.
  8. I have included this website as I love this guy. I won’t say anything else and leave you to take your decision to follow him. (I don’t get anything for putting this website here. I honestly think he has great methods.)
  9. Need I say more?
  10. For business English go here.
  11. This is simply wonderful. Check it out.

Did you notice the title says 10 best English learning websites? So why are there 11? Well, technically number 7 is not for learning English, right? It’s for teachers! Besides, it’s ok to break protocol.


Thanks for reading.


Teacher Dominic

teacherdom-com-new-profile-pic News!

Hello readers! Here is the news.

Hopefully you have read a large number of my blog articles by now and you have learnt an enormous amount of new words. However, if you haven’t, you had better start reading fast. You see, I have some good news and some “other” news, which is still good news.

My website is going to have an enormous overhaul soon. This will mean that most of the informative and educational articles are going to disappear. They will become part of a collection of premium content which will be available at a very attractive and competitive price.

The content will be enough for you to learn English from start to finish. I will present you with survival English lessons for when you need to go on holiday. I will provide you with English language lessons for business, for working in an English-speaking company, or for simply communicating with people in English.

So, take action right now and begin by reading my first blog post. Go through the blogs and read everything you possibly can, providing me with any feedback you feel is appropriate, and above all positive.  Look at my pages and read them before it is too late. This site will continue in a very different way, providing you with interesting material to practise your reading skills in English.

Happy reading!

Teacher Dominic


I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.

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Common mistakes made by English speakers from Pakistan


The most common mistakes can be easily corrected by slowing down when you speak. What I mean by this is that it is necessary to understand your mistakes. This is often only possible when you have a teacher. However, today I am going to give you some tips on common mistakes in English made by Pakistani speakers. Obviously, these are mistakes that anyone can make, though these are more common in that part of the world.

Why don’t he get job?

The correct phrase is:

Why doesn’t he get a job? 

Let’s look at another one:

Can I have some Xeroxes quick?

Here we need to say:

“Can I have some photocopies quickly?”

How about this one:

“I made total blunder mistake.”

No. We don’t need to say blunder and mistake together as it is repetitive.

“I made a total mistake.”

Another common error would be:

I am no understand English.

Speakers often confuse the auxiliary in negative sentences. The correct phrase should be:

“I don’t understand English.”

Finally, let’s finish on this one:

“I like very much the television.” 

Here the mistake is with the order of the words in the sentence and the use of the article:

“I like television very much.”

Thanks for reading.

Watch this very politically incorrect video on learning English:

Teacher Dominic


See you in my classroom very soon.

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Common Errors in English (made by Italians.)


We all make mistakes. Some of them are more serious than others. However, more often than not, they are due to interference with your native language. Here are some common errors Italians make when they speak English:

Good work!

These and others which I will go into detail are common errors in Italian speakers of English. In English we would never say “good work” or “buon lavoro.” Instead we might say something like,

“Have a good day at work.”

Let’s look at the next one:

“How goes?”

This translation from “Come va?” is an attempt to say,

“How’s it going?”

This is a phrase to ask somebody how they are, or how their life is going in general.




If you didn’t hear something someone said, don’t say this. It’s not a correct translation of “Cosa?” Instead say, “I’m awfully sorry my good friend, but what did you say?” Or,


“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said.”


“You have reason.”


This is not a correct translation of “hai ragione.” Instead, say: 


“You are right.” Or, “I couldn’t agree with you more.”


“…and stop.”

In Italian to say this after a sentence is wrong and an incorrect translation from “ e basta.” We would normally say,

“I went to the cinema. Then I had a pizza in a restaurant, and that’s it/all.”


Let’s look at some grammatical errors:


“The Last night I have been to a discotheque.”

No.No.No. Disco music was out in the seventies. We clubbers go to clubs in England. In addition, we say “last night.” Finally, when we talk about a specific time, we use the past simple:

“Last night I went to an exclusive club in the West End. I have never drunk so much Prosecco in all my life.” (Notice the correct use of the Present Perfect Simple tense.)

Oh help! (Ok, this is an extreme situation.) Let’s analyse this one:

“I must to go to the shops for to buy some of clear beer.”

The correct phrase would be:

“I have to go to the shops to buy some lager, or light beer.”


Finally, let’s look at how sometimes have to can be confused:


“You don’t have to take your portable computer home. It has to be kept in the office.”


In English we say:

“You mustn’t  take your pc home. It must be kept in the office.”

This is because we use mustn’t to talk about prohibitions. Strong obligations use must.

So, that’s it for the moment. In the future I will add to this article by writing a follow-up article.


Thanks for reading.

Teacher Dominic

I really hope to see you in my classroom very soon.

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