Business English Lesson 2 – Follow up Communication

In this second Business English lesson, I present you with resources which will help you learn how to engage in follow-up communication. This is after you have made initial contact with someone in a business conference, a trade fair, or simply an unexpected encounter on a train, a plane or in a public environment.

So let’s start! Are you ready?

In this dialogue we look at a situation where two people are engaged in a telephone conversation, following a request for information for more details on a property development in Dubai:

Greg: Good Morning, FPG Property Services, Greg here. How can I be of assistance?

Charles: Good Morning Greg, this is Charles from Dubai Property Dreams. This is simply a follow-up call. Derek Simpson, my colleague who was at the property development trade fair last week passed on your details to me. He put me in the picture that you have mutual interests in Dubai regarding the development of an apartment complex just outside the main business district. Is that right?

Greg: Yes, I saw the details and the plans and it really intrigued me. So, tell me more. I am all ears.

Charles: Well Greg, we are really fired up about how the whole complex is working out. The main features are an enormous shopping complex in the centre of the site, a cinema complex, an amusement park, an enormous park full of trees, a vast array of flowers and plants as well as a boating lake and an area dedicated for concerts. The apartment complex will be situated in the park grounds at the entrance. This is currently being promoted to our existing clients and also to a select number of new contacts. How does this come across to you?

Greg: It all seems absolutely riveting. I am currently looking for 4 properties which will be for an investment opportunity I have in mind. These will be for employees in my company who will be relocating to Dubai next year. When is the completion date due?

Charles: Well, we are on track to finalise everything and launch them into the market by Spring 2018. So I am happy to say we are well ahead of time. How does this meet with your expectations, Greg?

Greg: We weren’t planning on getting these new employees over until September, so that works out perfectly. So, where do we go from here? I would like to see some plans, and maybe even get the chance to have a tour of the site.

Charles: Great. Well, we would like to put you down to our milestone event on Friday February 23rd until Sunday 25th. We are celebrating the progress of the development and are inviting investors and clients for a weekend of activities and events in the complex. There is a large hotel which will accommodate everyone and we will be holding seminars, talks, and parties all weekend. Tickets are reduced for the first 200 guests and they will be allocated an exclusive suite on the 154th floor of the hotel. It is an offer you should not miss Greg.

Greg: This all sounds great Charles and I would be happy to attend. Will you send me all the details via email? I will arrange to make payment on receipt of all the information.

Charles: Sure Greg. I will do that right now. Well, it has been a pleasure talking to you. I will follow up in a week to make sure you have all the details. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

Greg: Great talking to you too. I look forward to your call. Have a good day yourself.

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