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Who is Teacher Dominic?

I am a British English teacher living in Italy.

I have over 12 years experience.

I work and live in Italy, teaching English at all levels though I specialise in intensive courses, business English, and preparation for people who want to live in, work in or communicate with an English-speaking country.

I also have a high success rate in correcting and improving pronunciation.

I have an enormous passion as an English teacher, putting 110% into every lesson.

I strongly believe in making the learner feel confident, comfortable, capable, and content when they are in my lessons: I do not believe in failure and teach my students to think positively from the start.

I have a lot of experience with teaching online (over 2000 hours!) and enjoy using video-conferencing lessons as it is an incredibly effective way of learning.

With my lessons, I guarantee you will have 100% success and enjoyment.

Thank you for your interest.

Teacher Dominic

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