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English Speaking Practice

This is the main page for the section on English Speaking Practice.

On pages under this section you will be able to:

  • Listen to and read English dialogues on various survival topics;

  • Use tips and resources to help improve your conversation skills;

  • Watch videos of people speaking English;

  • Listen to people speaking English in real situations.


Enjoy my English resources.


Conversation Dialogues


  • Hey Adam! How are you doing?
  • Oh hello Bill! I’m doing just fine. You?
  • I’ve felt better. My friends and I went out to a disco last night and we got in pretty late.
  • What time did you hit the sack?
  • Oh. It was getting light and the birds were singing, so about dawn.
  • Right! So you were up all night? That’s why you look like death warmed up!
  • It seems like this is the consequence. Anyway, do you fancy going to the cafe to get a smoothie?
  • Sure! Great idea. Let’s take a stroll down there. The exercise will do you good.
  • Ok. If you really think so. I’ll grab my coat. 
  • Right. I’ll go and look for my wallet. See you in a minute.

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