How to Really Learn English

How to Really Learn English

December 30, 2016

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First of all, let me tell you about some of the things my students say to me. When they start learning English, they tell me that they can’t speak English. They tell me that they can’t understand English. They tell me that they can’t read English, and they tell me that it’s very difficult for them to listen to English: to understand people speaking English; or people reading something on the news or on the television in English.

Well sure, that is a problem when you are starting to learn English, but it’s not something you need to be negative about.

Imagine when you go to the gym, and you do some exercise. You don’t go to the gym and get on the running machine and you run at 20 miles an hour. You don’t sprint immediately. You start slowly. You start walking and you warm up, and you increase your speed until you can run at a better pace: a faster pace.

Maybe after a few weeks or even a few months, you are running very fast on this running machine. When you move on and try a different exercise, and you lift weights, maybe you start with a small number not a high number of weights. You cannot lift a hundred kilos immediately. You need to build up that stamina. So you start with ten kilos and you do this for a long time. You exercise for a long time, and using this weight of ten kilos. Maybe after a few you begin to lift twenty kilos, thirty kilos, and then you finally reach your objective. You are lifting one hundred kilos. You feel great! You feel fantastic!

This story is about your English learning. You cannot expect to learn English immediately. You need to set yourself goals. Daily goals, hourly goals! Every hour say, “Ok, great! I read something in English and I understood, hmmm, sixty percent of what I read in English.” That’s really good, and that’s really important.  You need to reward yourself when you do something like this. Every single time you do it. But then you say to me, “I do exercises and I fail. I get every single answer incorrect. I’m a failure.” You are not a failure! You are exercising your mind, your brain. And if you get zero percent in this exercise it’s because, either it’s too difficult, or it’s the first time you tried this exercise! So you are guaranteed to fail if the language is new. You don’t know this language. So look at it in a positive way. “Ok, I got zero percent. Let’s try the exercise again. If I improve my answer that’s positive. If I still get zero percent, it means I need to understand what I’m studying.”

So go on the internet, find what you are studying on a website or look on my website. Maybe you can find an explanation there. You can even contact me through my website You can ask me a question. And if you still don’t get the answers to what you are studying then you know you need English lessons. You need somebody to help you learn English. Because you cannot learn English alone. You need to have somebody who can correct you and monitor you, and really understand what your strong points are, and what your weak points are. And how to make those weak points, strong points.

So practise English every day. Set yourself daily objectives, weekly objectives. Keep a diary, some notes about your progress, the exercises you did. What you did in that day. And remember to vary that information, to change it.

So one day, you practise some phrasal verbs in the morning. Then you practise some reading. Then you practise some listening, and then you practise some conversation.

How do you practise conversation? If you are alone, it’s a little difficult. But it’s not too difficult, because you can talk to yourself.

“He’s crazy!” You are thinking. (laughs). I’m not crazy! You need to understand that if you have a dialogue with another person in English, you are saying something and the other person is replying. Well if you have a simple conversation with yourself, and you understand how to reply to what you are saying this can be useful. Find a dialogue on the internet and read the dialogue. Maybe you can change your voice and read the other person’s dialogue, and so it can become a fun exercise: a game to play. And that’s how you can practise speaking.

But there are many other ways you can practise English. And if you follow me on my website, you can really improve your English fast. So those are my tips for the day on how you can improve your English. I have many more tips for you, waiting for you on my website and if you start learning English with me through my classes, which you can also find on my website.

That’s all from me. Thank you for listening. And I really hope you enjoyed this post. And stay tuned, that means keep with me: stay with me. Because there will be many more posts in the future.

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