Learn English Reading


Here are my tips on how to improve your English skills.

  1. Read! Read every day! When you read aloud, that is when you are speaking the words with your voice and not in your mind. This can help you speak English better, faster and understand English better. This is because you are interacting with English. It is deeper learning if you are physically involved in the learning process and not simply thinking about English. It can help your pronunciation too as you hear the sound you make. “How do I know I am saying it correctly?” Well that is something I explain in tip number 2.
  2. Find a reading text that you can also listen to someone reading the words. www.newsinlevels.com is one of my favourite websites for this. You read a text which has three levels of English, from easy to difficult. You also have a video which you watch and read the words as you watch and listen. Audio books can also be a fun way to practise reading if you are able to follow them with the text. In this way you are reading a book while also listening to it.
  3. Reading every day is also helpful for you to listen to how you read. It can also help you improve your reading speed. When you read, it’s important to read with a rhythm. Like in the video, tap your foot, click your fingers or move your head to maintain a rhythm as you read. This helps your fluency as you read.
  4. Read something that is just a little easier to understand. “Why? Shouldn’t I be reading something more difficult?” You ask. Well no, because if you read something too difficult it is going to affect your confidence, take you longer to read as you need to look up words in the dictionary, and as a result you lose interest. So choose something which you have no difficulty in reading from beginning to end.
  5. Find free e-books and other reading material. Take a look at http://www.gutenberg.org/  which contains a vast archive of free books. When you choose a book, try to go for a modern book. This is because older books are often written in old English. This is a different style to modern English and can sometimes be somewhat confusing, and in some cases completely incomprehensible to the non-native speaker.
  6.  Find material that you are interested in. This may seem obvious, though it is important to read books and texts that you have a genuine interest in. It’s no use reading about something that you don’t like as you won’t read with the same passion as something that you find intriguing. It will also be less memorable.
  7. Read something that may benefit your life. By this I mean that it is a good idea to read something that you could implement into your life. This could be a philosophical book, a self-help guide, or simply something that helps you make your life easier or improves it.

So that’s it! That’s my tip of the day. Read!

See you soon for another English learning tip!

Thanks for reading.

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