Phrasal Verbs – C

On this page I list some common phrasal verbs used in everyday English. on my Facebook page you will find live videos with some of these phrasal verbs. Click here to access my page, Teacherdom. Thanks for reading. Follow my YouTube channel by clicking here!

To Call at – To stop at a station or a destination

This train is not calling at Clapham Junction.

To call back – To return to a place you visited  before (generally when visiting someone and they are not present.) Or, to return a phone call.

I’ll call back with the necessary documents to open the bank account.

I called back after and hour and managed to speak to the boss.

To call off – To cancel/suspend.

The match was called off after heavy rain damaged the pitch, flooding it completely.

The police called off the search after the missing person had not been found.

To carry on – To continue. 

He carried on calling her by the wrong name for half an hour until she politely corrected him. The poor girl couldn’t interrupt him.

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