Present Simple Tense – A guide on how to use it!

The Present Simple Tense (Or Simple Present)

Hi! This is a page which will help you use this basic English tense.

We use it every day and sometimes we use it with frequency adverbs.

We usually go to France on holiday.

We often use it to ask questions. “What do you usually eat for breakfast?”

Here is a list of Frequency Adverbs:

100% – Always – I always have a coffee in the morning.

90% – Usually – I usually take my dog for a walk before I go to work.

80% – Normally/Generally – I generally have cereal for breakfast.

70% – Often/Frequently – I often forget people’s names.

50% – Sometimes – I sometimes invite friends over for dinner. 

30% – Occasionally – I occasionally have a bath on a Sunday.

10% – Seldom – I seldom eat fried food.

5% – Rarely – I rarely use public transport.

0% – Never – I never read the newspaper. 

When we use these frequency adverbs, remember to use them after the verb “be.”

I am never late.

Are you ever late for work?

However, we use them before other main verbs:

I always play basketball on Thursdays. 

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